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We are programmers with business smarts. As a software and web development company, we help companies bring new digital products and services to market, launch new websites, and solve business challenges with innovative software solutions.


Websites, CMS, Mobile Apps, Custom B2B and B2C Software, Magento & Shopify E-Commerce


User Experience, Research, Wireframes, Prototypes, UI Design, Logos, Graphics

Project Management

Product Management, Project Requirements, Stakeholder Updates, Demos, Data Analysis


Cloud Hosting, Fiber Internet, Managed Services, Colocation, Crypto Miner Colocation


SEO, Creative and Technical Writing, Re-Branding, Brand Tone & Style, Social Media


Third Party Software & Systems Analysis, New Business Ideas, Innovation, Market Launch

Web Development

We specialize in Java, PHP, NodeJS, C#, Javascript, HTML5, and pride our selves in craftsmanship and quality. We are experts in frameworks such as dotCMS, Laravel, CodeIgniter, Joomla, Magento, AngularJS, WordPress and many others.

Mobile App Development

We can code natively in Objective-C, Java or build on PhoneGap which allows us to use HTML, JavaScript and CSS to build apps quicker and export for Android, iOS and Windows. We also have a wide array of white label mobile apps we can use for many occassions.

Web Hosting

Is your site slow or down? We offer rock-solid, stress-free, scalable hosting solutions. Both Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting options are available to suit your needs. As industry-leading experts in hosting solutions, we can make sure your site rocks.

Web & Brand Consulting

Getting a lot of hits but no sales/leads? Perhaps your content isn't working for you. We make web technology easy to understand and effective. Let us help your business grow, innovate and adapt to today's fast-paced market.

Web Design & Mobile App Development Done Right

Companies that trust us

Find out what our customers already know, Ethode is your secret weapon for web success

The University of Akron
Gettysburg College
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Colorado College
The Cheesecake Factory
Nature Stone Flooring Inc.
Skyy Vodka
Oberlin College

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